Osiris Finance Team

About our project

Osiris is an ambitious project launched in December, 2017 by a group of dedicated blockchain enthusiasts, data scientists and finance professionals from all over the world. Our mission is to drastically lower the barriers of entry into the cryptocurrency world and to make crypto investment easy, lucrative, reliable, data-driven, and accessible for everyone.

Osiris is a financial analysis platform that applies cutting-edge forecasting techniques, including neural networks and advanced financial econometrics, to your everyday trading. We firmly believe that trading well-informed means trading safely, and thus we are the first in the world to provide free access to a substantive and interactive database on up-to-date financial and fundamental characteristics of cryptocurrencies, as well as to present free daily digests of most important news from the crypto-world hand-picked by our analysts.

We at Osiris are persuaded that the only way one can consistently profit on the market is by revealing and conceptualising new information, therefore we are at the frontier of fundamental cryptocurrency valuation. Our team members are continuously engaged in research and have their views and opinions challenged every day both by the market test and by the peers. You can freely consult our tracking record as we are forecasting the market each and every day.


Mikhail Vasenin


Mikhail Vasenin was the early founder of the Osiris project back in December, 2017. Mikhail shapes the overall project vision with his unique ideas stemming from his extensive decade-long work experience as a financial analyst and a consultant for major regional and international corporates from various industries and as a co-founder and business tutor for numerous local projects. Osiris is, so to say, Mikhail’s favourite child, where he blends together his multi-disciplinary approach and his soft spot for automatisation of business processes. He holds a degree in International Economics from Finance University under the Government of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia and an Executive MBA with Distinction in Project Management from Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

Savva Shanaev


Savva Shanaev joined the Osiris team in April, 2018. His insights from more than five years of research experience in international economics and finance largely contributed to the overall vision of Osiris, bringing his expertise on financial analysis, cryptocurrency valuation and financial risk management into the project. Savva has been awarded a first class degree in International Economics from Finance University under the Government of Russian Federation, Moscow, a first class degree in Finance and Investment Management from University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK. Currently, Savva is a PhD candidate at University of Northumbria. He published in, among others, Journal of Alternative Investments, Journal of Behavioural and Experimental Finance and Economic Issues.

Arina Shuraeva

Chief Analyst

Arina Shuraeva joined the Osiris project in August, 2018. Her expertise in public relations, news analysis and financial valuation provides a backbone to the Osiris team as a whole. As Chief Analyst, Arina rigorously implements her verbal and quantitative analysis skills to continuously provide you with high-quality content. She has more than three years of experience in educational administration and brings her communication and content management competences to the Osiris project, being responsible for the maintenance of our connections with the broad blockchain and investment community. Arina studied International Economic Relations at Finance University Under the Government of Russian Federation and holds a BSc degree in Economics from the University of London.