The most discussed ICOs: August - September

by Osiris Team

Posted on Aug. 9, 2019, 1:07 p.m.
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Dear colleagues and followers,

The Osiris team has hand-picked five of the most discussed ICOs coming later in August or in September.

1) ArtPro (APT) is a London-based first Blockchain-powered online marketplace. They are utilising Blockchain for provenance and smart contracts for transactional purposes. The ICO is about to start on August, 15 and will last until September, 3. ArtPro already has almost 10k Twitter followers.
2) Matrix (MTX) is a crypto platform with the innovative and reliable technology of blockchain. The goal of this platform is to help crypto users enjoy low fees and fast transactions. The ICO starts on August, 15 and will last for a month until September, 15. Matrix already counts nearly 3k Telegram subscribers.
3) Hawk (HAWK) describe themselves as a 'distributed intelligent internet of things' of Hawk Network and already gained more than 10k Telegram subscribers. The ICO starts on September, 1 and lasts until the end of the year on December, 30.
4) Emx (EMX) is a crypto-native derivatives exchange offering access to the $1,200 trillion global derivatives markets for equities, commodities, and currencies. Ems has already gained 5200 Telegram subscribers along with 3.5k Twitter followers. The ICO starts on September, 9 and lasts for a week only, until September, 16.
5) Monart (MART) is developing the large innovative international art community and platform to discover, discuss, enjoy and purchase great art from artists around the world. With more than 18k Twitter followers and 16k Telegram users it is definitely one of the most discussed upcoming ICOs. Monart ICO begings on September, 16 and lasts until October, 31.

Thank you for staying in touch and good luck in your trades!

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