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Ethereum Classic Develops Alert System to Detect Threats on the Blockchain

ETC Labs Core development team has created a new alert system to detect threats, such as the recent 51% attack, on the network.

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Chinese Crypto Exchanges Seek Backdoor Listings in Hong Kong

As the bear market continues with no signs of a change in trend crypto exchanges and mining giants in China seek ways to stay afloat. One method which has been increasing is a reverse merger in Hong Kong as IPO hopes fade.

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Bakkt Begins Hiring for Futures Exchange Despite Delays

Bakkt has launched a hiring campaign, posting eight new positions to their website.

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Ethereum Classic 51% attack special.

In November 2018, the Osiris Team has authored an article “Cryptocurrency Value and 51% Attacks: Evidence from Event Studies”, where we were the first in the field to suggest a framework of measuring fundamental risk exposures of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies to majority attacks

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